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Updated Features Increase Customization
Post Date: 12/05/2018

Beetle Eye engineers recently released updates for several common features. These updates allow users to add more customization to their campaigns and lead lists. Read on for the details!

List Percent and Duration of Advanced Email Campaigns

With Advanced Email Campaigns, Beetle Eye users can set up A/B Testing to see which of two variants will perform best. This is done by splitting your campaign list into two sub-campaigns (Campaign A and Campaign B) where you as the user indicates differences between the two sub-campaigns, such as different Email Subject Lines. Next, Beetle Eye automatically sends Campaign A to 25% of your list and Campaign B to a different 25% of your list. Beetle Eye automatically sends the winning campaign to the remaining 50% of your list.

What’s New

Users now have the option of customizing

  • The percent of the list that is sent during A/B Testing
  • The duration of A/B Testing (in hours)
  • How to Find It

    You can find the new settings by editing an Advanced Campaign under Campaigns > Advanced Lead Campaigns.

    Lead Quality Calculations

    Beetle Eye has built-in calculations for determining the quality of a lead that takes multiple variables into account. While these calculations are based on industry standards, your business goals may require a different perspective on what it takes to be a quality lead. Learn how List Segmentation can factor in with lead quality.

    What’s New

    By default, the lead quality feature is now disabled. This feature can be enabled at any time. Once enabled, users now have the option of choosing which factors are included in the calculating of lead quality. Factors include:

  • Valid Email
  • Valid Forms Submitted
  • Sales
  • Once Leads Quality Options is enabled and Options are selected, save your changes for Beetle Eye to begin calculating lead quality.

    How to Find It

    You can find the new settings under Leads > Quality Options.

    Create Survey Templates

    With several pre-made survey templates to choose from, we quickly realized you wanted more -- not more templates, but more options to customize your surveys. Read more about how templates improve an email campaign.

    What’s New

    You can now create your own survey templates within the Beetle Eye application! This new feature works the same as building an email template: users have a set of tokens that are used to define elements, such as where questions display in the template.

    With the ability to create templates, you can:

  • Customize the layout of surveys
  • Add additional text
  • Add additional elements
  • How to Find It

    You can find the new setting under Surveys > Templates.

    Dynamic Filters Without Events

    Dynamic Filters allow Beetle Eye users to create lists based on different types of lead identifiers, such as location, sales, or events triggered by the lead to pinpoint specific audiences. Learn more about how dynamic lists can help your campaigns.

    What’s New

    Dynamic filters can now be created for leads that have NOT triggered specific events. For example, your campaign may include a Call To Action button that asks users to sign up for a newsletter. By using the Without Event type of filter, users can reach out to every lead who has NOT clicked the Call to Action button during their journey.

    How to Find It

    You can find the new setting by selecting Without Events when adding a filter under Lists > Dynamic Lists.