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Top 10 Ways to Lose a Lead

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Maintaining a quality lead list depends on proper lead management, lead nurturing, lead list segmentation, survey management, and more. Implement the Beetle Eye Automated Marketing Platform to help maintain a quality lead list.

High-quality leads are key when building or maintaining a successful business. If your business is having trouble managing a lead list, it may be time to consider an automated marketing platform, such as Beetle Eye. Here are some of the top ten reasons your business might be losing leads, and ways Beetle Eye can help you steer clear of trouble.

Top 10 Ways to Lose a Lead:

  • You aren't responding in time
  • You don’t nurture your leads
  • You don’t consider passive web traffic
  • You keep unsegmented leads
  • Your lead form is not optimized
  • Your lead volume is unmanageable
  • You are inconsistent
  • You don’t do your research
  • You create a product and then sit on your haunches
  • You don’t have a brand

1. You aren’t responding in time

We all understand that responding quickly to a lead is important, but just how quick is “quickly”? According to The Lead Response Management Study, a lead that is contacted within five minutes of lead creation time results in the best chance of conversion. If you wait just 30 minutes, the odds of qualifying that lead drops by 21 times! Ensure optimal response time by setting up auto responses to submitted forms in the Beetle Eye application. With auto responses enabled, a response email will be sent automatically once the specified form is submitted.

2. You don’t nurture your leads

Building a lead list is important, but just as important is giving your leads the attention they need. SImply blasting the same emails to every lead on your list is a surefire way to see how well the unsubscribe feature works. Make Beetle Eye a part of your lead nurturing program by taking advantage of the lead profile feature. The lead profile feature collects information for every lead, including any submitted forms, sales made, user data, campaign data, administrative comments, and more. Additionally, the Beetle Eye application computes the quality of every lead using these factors and more.

3. You don’t consider passive web traffic

A multitude of potential leads visit your website every day -- but they are lost to you because they decide not to submit your web form. According to the website analysis, visitors are interested in what you have to offer, but these anonymous visitors have left you no way to reach out. Take the guesswork out of anonymous website visits using Beetle Eye’s advanced lead tracking feature. Advanced lead tracking allows you to track specific user events, automating both the data collection process and any follow-up actions. Bonus: If a visitor does decide to submit a form, Beetle Eye will pair the anonymous user events with the form submission, filling potential gaps in the lead’s user journey.

4. You keep unsegmented leads

Assuming every lead will benefit from all of your email campaigns is one way to reach a high unsubscribe rate. Not every offering will appeal to every lead on your list, even if those leads are high quality. Each lead has individual needs and including all your leads in all your email campaigns will surely result in the inboxes of your leads filling up with messages from you that don’t interest them. The Beetle Eye platform offers users the ability to create custom filters that allow you to specify criteria around the leads that are included in your marketing campaign. According to Forbes, filtering campaign leads based on data patterns can greatly increase your ROI.

5. Your lead form is not optimized

Common sense tells us that the a lower number of form fields equals a higher number of form submissions. You can optimize your lead form even more using techniques such as breaking questions across multiple steps to reduce overwhelm, and use smart default answers to reduce effort. Use Beetle Eye forms to create optimized lead forms that will result in a high number of submissions.

6. Your lead volume is unmanageable

We can probably all remember an instance where we’ve bitten off more than we can chew. This can be true with leads as well. Aiming for as many leads as possible is not always the right answer as having too many leads can lead to overwhelm and mismanagement of those leads. Help automate lead qualification and build data reports on your leads using Beetle Eye. Build dynamic lists that automatically pull in and filter out leads according to custom criteria. These features can help you qualify and focus on the leads where your time is best spent instead of potentially spinning your wheels on an unwieldy lead list.

7. You are inconsistent

So you put together a great email campaign, build a list of interested leads, and shoot out a welcome email that is sure to get your leads interested and excited about what’s coming. As the campaign wears on, you start to get busy or lose interest and somehow you can’t seem to get your emails out on time, or perhaps you fail to include every lead with every email. The campaign limps to a finish and you are less than impressed with the results. You realize it was a problem of inconsistency on your part that caused the campaign to fall flat. Remove the element of human error by using Beetle Eye’s email campaign feature. This feature combines the quality leads you’ve compiled with dynamic filters, scheduled emails, automated responses, and more, to give you an optimal automated email campaign experience.

8. You don’t do your research

Have you ever created a product or offered a service and, despite your best marketing efforts, that offering languishes on the shelf? Sometimes we get so excited with our own products that we skip the process of vetting it with others only to discover it is, indeed, a flop. While working on a passion project is a great way to spend your time, if you’re hoping to turn it into a product, you would be wise to find out if there is a need. Using the Survey feature in Beetle Eye, you can embed a survey link into emails or on your website where you can query your audience about their interest in your next product or service. Learn up front what your audience’s preferences are to avoid a surprising flop and focus instead on potential boons.

9. You create a product and then sit on your haunches

On the other hand, let’s say your research has shown your audience is chomping at the bit for what you have to offer. Creating those offerings is only part of the work! Without the proper marketing, your stellar product won’t reach those who are interested. Use the Beetle Eye application to create an email campaign through which you can launch your product to the right audience! Use Beetle Eye features, such as dynamic lead filtering, to ensure the right audience knows about your product.

10. You don’t have a brand

A brand is how others recognize you. Take the Nike swoosh or the target bullseye. These are easily recognizable brands that require no explanation for the majority of people. Likewise, you want others to be able to identify you with little effort. On that token, your content, emails, website, etc., should all have a similar look and feel. Beetle Eye can help carry your brand throughout your communications with others by allowing you to upload custom email templates and forms. When you are ready to create an email campaign, simply start with your uploaded email template to ensure every email you send has the same logo, colors, and other aspects of your personal brand.

By taking a look at the top ten ways to lose a lead, you can see how your current process might be allowing great leads to slip through the cracks. To learn more about how Beetle Eye can help you hold onto quality leads, read about Beetle Eye features.

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