Aggregate Lead Sources

Collect, organize and export your lead data in one smart cloud database. Use Beetle Eye to consolidate and standardize incoming data from all your lead generation sources, including web forms, lead lists and sales transactions. Beetle Eye keeps your lead data structured and uniform.

Manage and Qualify Leads

Control your leads with Beetle Eye’s user-friendly data tools. Create dynamic rules to automatically qualify and convert responses into sales leads, as well as manage lead routing and notifications. Easily browse or search leads, or view dashboard reports.

Generate Lead Lists and Segments

Segment your leads to identify new marketing and sales opportunities. Generate lead lists based on your custom data rules or leverage individual user data, such as geolocation, to pinpoint target audiences.[read more...]

Send Triggered Sales Responses

Automate sales responses and transactional emails. Select email templates, personalize messaging and leverage Survey Builder for post-purchase feedback.

Record Advanced Lead Data

Track user events, such as clicks or hovers, for marketing campaigns, lead generation forms and your website. Beetle Eye’s comprehensive tracking automatically updates lead records with actual performance data, and can even connect anonymous browsing with qualified lead records. [read more ...]

Leverage Custom Data Modeling

Customize the Beetle Eye interface, data modeling or admin functionality with CRM modules. Developed by the Beetle Eye team, these modules offer advanced functionality for tailored for specific industries, such as call centers or dealer networks.[read more ...]


Automate Email & SMS Marketing Campaigns

Send scheduled email blasts or triggered campaigns to your lead lists and segments. Define your email templates and leverage lead data to personalize messaging. Beetle Eye tracks open rates, clicks, and individual user behavior, and automatically pushes performance data to your lead lists and profiles.

Create Personalized Email Templates

Build and upload custom email templates for your email campaigns. Preview templates in your browser, and reuse templates for multiple campaigns. Use copy and paste tokens to easily integrate your data fields for personalized emails.

Host Campaign Assets

Store your campaign images and graphics in one central location. Beetle Eye hosts assets on high-speed Amazon S3 servers for quick load times. Organize campaign files using intuitive drag-and-drop features.

Manage Email Subscriptions

Manage email subscriptions with a Beetle Eye-hosted solution. Generate branded subscribe and unsubscribe form links that you can embed into emails or publish on your website.

Make, Deploy and Analyze Surveys

Collect market data with build-your-own surveys. Beetle Eye’s Visual Survey Builder enables you to generate web surveys with interactive elements, such as dropdowns, pick lists and radio buttons. Receive automatic survey response reports, and easily export data for further analysis.

Track Customer Engagement

Understand how customers interact with your email marketing campaigns. Enjoy peace-of-mind with automatic link tracking, or track custom events to capture a omnichannel view of your customer journeys.

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