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What is Advanced Lead Tracking and why do I need it?

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What if you could know more about potential leads than what you find out with web forms? With Beetle Eye, the lead tracking starts before a form is ever submitted!

With traditional website lead generation, website visitors let you know what they need through form submissions alone. For example, when John Smith fills out a contact form, he might check the box indicating he wants to know more about stamp collecting, so you add him to your weekly newsletter about stamp collecting. The Beetle Eye application takes this a step further with Advanced Lead Tracking.

What is Advanced Lead Tracking?

Advanced Lead Tracking allows you to collect information about different events that a visitor completes on your website, such as mouse clicks and hovers. You can learn more about trackable events under Beetle Eye's Events section. This information is completely anonymous but is linked to a tracking code.

Once a visitor decides to submit a form through your website, any tracked events are paired with the form submission information through the tracking code, giving you a complete picture of your next potential customer.

What happens with this information?

With the Beetle Eye application, the event data becomes part of the visitor’s lead profile. Any events that are linked to that tracking code are collected and can be viewed under the Lead Profile Data for that visitor. Let’s say John Smith spent a lot of time on pages within your website that relate to antique cars, but he didn’t see the antique car checkbox on the contact form. The events John generated, such as clicking over to the page on vintage steering wheels, are added to his lead profile data and can be viewed within the Beetle Eye application.

How does this help marketing?

Once this data is collected and linked to a lead profile, it's ready to use in your email campaign. For example, let's say you want to build an email campaign geared toward leads who are interested in antique cars. Anyone can include visitors who have submitted forms that indicate their interest in antique cars. John Smith, however, would not be on their list because he didn’t see that checkbox. With Advanced Lead Tracking, you have the advantage because you can include John Smith in your campaign, and anyone else who clicked on product pages that are related to antique cars but who missed the section on your form where they could have told you they are interested in antique cars.