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Can I filter leads in my Beetle Eye email campaign by area?

2 minutes read Can I filter leads in my Beetle Eye email campaign by area?

So, you want to tell your marketing list about a sale on snorkeling gear, but the sale is only relevant to leads in a certain range of the sale, let’s say within a 50-mile radius. Map your waypoint and search for leads within your range, or let Beetle Eye do the work for you with the Dynamic Lists feature.

What is the Dynamic Lists Feature?

The Dynamic Lists feature enables you to effortlessly build a list, or group of leads, for your email campaign. Normally, a list is created by manually selecting individual leads that are then added to the campaign. This can be a tedious process.

A dynamic list, in contrast, starts with you telling Beetle Eye what criteria is required and then Beetle Eye determining which leads meet that criteria without you having to sift through leads manually.

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What do you mean by criteria?

The criteria, or rules as they are known in Beetle Eye, look at all the information in a lead’s profile, including information gathered through advanced lead tracking, and remove any leads from your email marketing list that are not relevant to your campaign.
You can set rules related to lead data, sales information, web site events, and area.

What this means is yes, you can filter leads in your Beetle Eye email campaign by area!

How do I filter my leads by area?

Let’s say your list of leads includes addresses all over the state of Florida, but the sale you are promoting is only relevant to leads near Key West, Florida. You only want to promote this sale to relevant leads. Instead of manually selecting individual leads with addresses in or around Key West, you can set up a Dynamic List in Beetle Eye using the Near By rule type.

The Near By rule type lets you filter leads that are within a specified distance of a city. In our example of a sale on snorkeling gear, leads are filtered to include those located within a 50-mile radius of Key West, Florida. We’ll call this the Key West list.

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You can add more rules to a filter, such as the Leads/Customers rule type where the Phone field includes an area code from the Key West area.

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All leads that satisfy the indicated criteria are added to the Key West list.

What’s next?

Your Key West list will be available for selection when you create your email campaign. All of your leads within a 50-mile radius of Key West, or with a Key West area code, will hear about the sale of snorkeling gear and could be out testing their new purchases this weekend. Enjoy the water!

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