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Why you need a marketing automation platform before building your marketing campaign

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A marketing campaign goes beyond asking your latest customer for a stellar review or offering a coupon on your website. While a marketing campaign might include these and similar aspects, a successful marketing campaign will detail every action - and every action’s purpose - that is used to promote a product or a service.

A marketing campaign is complex

Put simply, marketing campaign has one goal: to promote what you’re offering.

Often, this promotion is done through multiple channels and includes many different steps. A successful marketing campaign requires plenty of thought and planning before it can be launched. Many aspects of a campaign must be built ahead of time, such as a list of leads or branding for the campaign.

On the other hand, many aspects must also be flexible: while you want to have that list of leads, for example, it’s best to build it in such a way that leads can be added or removed while the campaign is running.

In other words, a marketing campaign has a lot of moving pieces!

Save your sanity with a marketing automation platform

A marketing automation platform takes the headache out of your marketing campaign and allows you to focus on the creative process of marketing.

Just as the name suggests, a marketing automation platform automates many aspects of your marketing campaign, including the lead list mentioned above.

A marketing automation platform such as Beetle Eye allows your campaign to work off a Dynamic Lead List. As a Dynamic Lead List updates, so does your campaign - automatically.

A marketing automation platform takes the headache out of your marketing campaign and allows you to focus on the creative process.

Build your campaign within the platform

One of the many benefits of a marketing automation platform is that you can build marketing campaigns directly within the platform.

A marketing automation platform does more than just allow you to input your campaign data. All your campaign prework, such as your lead list and your branding, can be built within the platform!

For example, using Beetle Eye, users can add templates, collect and qualify leads, create dynamic filters, compose and schedule emails, and more. In other words, any marketing campaign task that can be automated can be completed using the Beetle Eye application!

Build your marketing campaigns directly within a marketing automation platform, such as the Beetle Eye application.

Get started with a Marketing Automation Platform

All the of repetitive, tedious tasks of building a marketing campaign might be floating through your head by now. The idea of automating these tasks and being able to focus on the bread and butter of your campaigns probably has you excited. The investment of a marketing automation platform not only frees up your time for more creative pursuits, it also provides peace of mind by streamlining your campaign.

To learn more about how Beetle Eye can help ease the headache of a marketing campaign, read more about Beetle Eye features.

We would also be happy to show you a demo of the Beetle Eye application!