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Five Benefits of a Marketing Automation Platform

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benefits marketing automation platform

Marketing Automation Platforms are increasing in popularity, and with good reason! Implementing a Marketing Automation Platform will increase the success of your marketing campaigns.

What is a Marketing Automation Platform?

A Marketing Automation Platform is a piece of software that can increase the effectiveness of marketing while also automating repetitive tasks.

Marketing teams and organizations might use a platform to gather lead data, build and manage a marketing campaign, and review key statistics.

A Marketing Automation Platform such as Beetle Eye also allows for the creation of surveys, using custom templates and filters, the ability to track user events, and more.

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A Marketing Automation Platform is a piece of software that increases the effectiveness of marketing and automates repetitive tasks.

What are the benefits of a Marketing Automation Platform?

Users have found a wealth of measurable benefits simply by implementing a Marketing Automation Platform.

Five benefits of a marketing automation platfrom

  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Lower costs of campaigns
  • Increase Leads
  • Filter Leads
  • Increase Sales Productivity

Read on to learn about 5 of these benefits.

Automate repetitive tasks

The obvious benefit is right in the name, automation.

A Marketing Automation Platform automates many repetitive tasks, such as lead segmentation, qualifying leads, sending emails, and other campaign management tasks. While sometimes tedious, these tasks are vital to successful marketing.

Automating these repetitive tasks frees up valuable time that could be spent on more creative and engaging tasks. Additionally, automation lowers the chance of human error in the form of typos, misclicks, and other mishaps that are common when completing a dull task.

Lower costs of campaigns

A marketing campaign can be a major undertaking that can quickly lead to overwhelm while sucking up all your resources.

Using a software tool to help manage your campaign will lower costs as it will require fewer resources. While there is an initial investment in a Marketing Automation Platform, when utilized correctly, it will be an investment that results in more successful, and lucrative, marketing campaigns.

In fact, studies by Nucleus Research show there is a 12.2% reduction in overhead as a result of implementing automation software.

Increase Leads

Most marketers would agree that more leads are more desirable than fewer leads. A tool that can increase leads results in a higher chance of increased sales. Along these lines, VentureBeat reports that 80% of marketing automation users see an increase in leads. What’s more, 77% of users saw an increase in their lead conversions!

Filter Leads

A Marketing Automation Platform like Beetle Eye offers users the ability to create custom filters that allow you to specify criteria around the leads that are included in your marketing campaign. According to Forbes, filtering campaign leads based on data patterns can greatly increase your ROI.

Increase Sales Productivity

With software completing redundant, tedious tasks, your sales force can focus on their projects rather than doing data entry. Studies by Nucleus Research show that implementing automation software results in an increase in sales productivity by 14.5%. This is without increasing people resources.

The bottom line

Implementing a Marketing Automation Platform, such as the Beetle Eye application, will increase the effectiveness and success of your marketing campaigns. While you will still need to put in the hard work of strategizing and building a marketing campaign, a Marketing Automation Platform can help remove the hum-drum, repetitive tasks that demand resources and could be better used for creative and energizing activities.

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