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New SDL Editor
Post Date: 01/22/2018

In a lot of cases you might want to have your data structure extended with custom fields. While you were able to do so for forms, until now it was not possible to do it when the data was coming from sales. Today this is changing with introducing the new SDL Editor in Beetle Eye.

In order to provide more flexibility regarding the incoming data we have decided to move the SDL (Standard Data List) Editor as a stand-alone option in the main navigation of the Beetle Eye. The SDL Editor helps you create custom fields that you can use to map your incoming data from either forms or sales. The process is very simple because the custom fields are represented by a numerical ID (auto-assigned) and textual name that you create.

Note that when you create new field in the SDL Editor it automatically appears under the custom fields in "assigned field name" dropdown in your forms, so you don't have to use the "new field" option.

You can refer to the documentation page to see how to use the new feature.