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Upgrade Your Email Marketing with Smart Posts

2 minutes read

How Smart Posts Increase Your ROI

When it comes to business, time is money and marketing is one area where businesses spend a lot of time. What if you could upgrade your email marketing strategy to save time and money?

We’ve introduced you to Smart Posts, a recurring, dynamic type of communication that requires no coding skills to maintain and that takes advantage of automation. Smart Posts use a template which pulls content from a database that you populate. This content is organized using Smart Tags, which dynamically match content to the right audience. This means that the content of the Smart Post can change based on interests and the currently available smart post content in your database.

This template then pushes your content out to the communication channels that you specify, whether that is in email, to social media channels, or other channels. You also configure the recurrence interval of Smart Posts.

Once the process is defined, Smart Posts will automatically arrange the relevant data from your database and send communications on schedule with no human interaction until you choose to stop it.

To bring this somewhat conceptual idea into reality, let’s dig into how you would reach your audience, first with an email campaign and then with Smart Posts. Let’s say you have an upcoming event in your resort: a world-class chef will be preparing signature dishes in your restaurant all weekend. Naturally, you want everyone to know about the event.

Email Campaign

Email campaigns are once-and-done communications that have a set start time and use predefined content. You set it up, configure the template, prepare the content, and schedule the campaign. Additionally, you create posts to populate your various social media accounts. Every step is a manual process and requires time, along with a certain skill set. This can be very costly for your business, in time and money.

Smart Posts

Smart Posts, as you have read, are dynamic communications that continue until you choose to stop them. After the initial setup of your Smart Posts, only minimal human interaction is required. All you need to do is prepare the content for your specific event--in this case, a visit from the world-class chef--and Beetle Eye takes care of the rest: sending emails to those who are interested in culinary events, posting to your social media feeds, and sending data to any other channels you have configured with Smart Posts.

As you can see, Smart Posts offer more automation and require less attention, which gives your business more time to focus on writing great content and promoting events.

Want to use Smart Posts to promote your next event? Contact Beetle Eye today to learn more!