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Some Important Reporting and Statistics Changes

2 minutes read

Upgrades to statistics and reporting

After a month of internal upgrades, today we are happy to share the changes that are now in effect in Beetle Eye reporting systems. With the ever-growing data we had to take measures to keep the platform fast and responsive but at the same time maintain it's reporting capabilities.

New Reporting Types

Up until now we were able to provide full statistics on campaign based emails only, starting today the same type of statistics will be available for all other email types like forms, lists, surveys, sales and user journeys. You will be able to get the same depth of statistics including complaints, bounces, browsers etc.

Aggregated and Non-Aggregated Data

Second big change is the way the data is reported. There are now two types of data

  • non - aggregated data - which is up to 36 months back
  • aggregated data - older than 36 months

Basically when you are reviewing statistics for any non-campaign type of mail communication you will be seeing the “all-time” data, or the aggregated data for all time since the creation of the resource. However, if you choose to export data out and select a date range you will get an export of the broken down non-aggregated data up to 36 months back.

Lead Statistics

We can’t show you the aggregated data here because each lead has a unique data set, so it can’t be aggregated. By default all the per lead charts will display now data for the last 3 months. Technically you can see this only in the lead timeline.

Emails Log

You will see in the emails log now data only for the latest 3 months.

Email Campaigns statistics and reporting remains unchanged.