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What is a CRM Platform?

2 minutes read What is a CRM Platform?

The Beetle Eye application is a custom CRM platform that allows you to take action with your data . But what, exactly, is a CRM platform? Let’s break it down.

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is how a company manages their interactions with customers, both current and potential. Typically, CRM takes into account historical information about customers using data analysis. The purpose of CRM is to improve relationships with customers. What’s the point of improving customer relationships? Customer retention is a huge part of staying in business, so it makes sense to keep your customers happy and coming back for more. The way to increase sales is to improve relationships with customers you already have, as well as impress potential customers.

CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (CRM): how a company manages their interactions with clients

How Does a Company Improve Customer Relationships?

Now that you know what CRM is, you might be wondering how a company gathers the data necessary to learn more about current and potential customers. A company can take many different approaches to gathering and managing data. Every time someone picks up the phone or sends an email to a customer, this is a data point that can be tracked. Anytime a customer visits a company’s website, that, too, is a data point. Any interaction a company has with a customer, current or potential, is a data point. Added up, a company can learn a wealth of information about their customer base from these data points.

The key is, how does a company keep track of these data points?

What is a CRM Platform?

This is where a platform comes in. A CRM platform, such as Beetle Eye, allows a company to gather, store, and analyze the multitude of data points that are gathered about a customer. Without a CRM platform, the likelihood is that many data points about a customer will be forgotten, misplaced, or simply never analyzed. This might not sound like a big deal, but imagine having a black book full of leads who would be interested in the new product you are launching and simply leaving it in your desk drawer throughout the entire launch. This would be an example of not improving customer relationships.

CRM Platform: Gathers and Analyzes data points about a customer

A CRM platform keeps track of the data collected about your customers and lets you know when your leads match your new product or campaign.

Did You Say Custom?

Ah-ha, you caught that! Yes, Beetle Eye is a custom CRM system, meaning we aren’t a typical off-the-shelf CRM system. Rather, the Beetle Eye application’s flexibility allows for custom-built CRM modules that meet the needs of your business specifically. This pairs the powerful data-collection capabilities that you might find in most CRM systems with the tailoring and tweaking that makes it work smoothly and seamlessly to meet your needs.

Since you have partnered with Beetle Eye, your data is custom to your business needs. Let’s say you want to contact all the leads in your system that are interested in a vacation in Florida. Beetle Eye lets you know which customers have viewed your Florida vacation deals on your website, as well as any customers who have responded to your surveys about a Florida vacation. Oh, and don’t forget the customers who clicked through the email links about a trip to Disney World! Yes, Beetle Eye has collected this data for you and your custom version of Beetle Eye allows you to filter for these data points.

What Do I Do With the Data?

Now you are staring at this digital black book of data points gathered about all your customers, current and potential. What do you do with all this information? Don’t let it overwhelm you, this is a good thing!

Build an Email Campaign

You’ve done all the heavy lifting of forming strong relationships with your customers. You know what they like and you know how to reach them. At this point you can rest easy with a Beetle Eye email campaign that is geared toward exactly the customer base that would be interested in, say, that Florida vacation, and no one who would rather vacation in Alaska.

With Beetle Eye, you can customize all the details, such as when the campaign will run, how your leads will be included (or not included) in your campaign, what your email templates will look like, and more.

To find out more about how the Beetle Eye application can help you improve customer relationships, click here to schedule a demo of the Beetle Eye application!